About Shayegan Company
Founded in 1928

Shayegan Group is among the most prominent companies in Iran doing business related to design management and construction projects. The company has implemented mega projects to contribute to sustainable development and economic growth. Shayegan Company has completed a significant number of large infrastructure and construction projects, including dozens of bridges, roads, railways, and buildings.

Some Projects of Shayegan Company

Iran Zamin Residential Complex

Iran Zamin Residential Complex consists of 125,000 square meters in the form of three interconnected towers with a total area of 106,000 and 29 floors. It has a wide variety of apartment sizes. 8,000 square meters of the surrounding area is dedicated to yards, circular fountains, gazeboes, parks with decorative equipment and proper lighting, a playground, and walkways.

Mehregan Residential Complex

Mehregan Residential Complex has a total area of 18,000 square meters with 24 floors in Elahiyeh District, Tehran. Its construction was completed in 2005.

Behjat Abad Residential Complex

Constructed in 1973, Behjat Abad Residential Complex is among the earliest residential towers of Tehran. It occupies a total area of 95,000 square meters and rests in Behjat Abad District, Tehran.

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